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Wikipedia Loves Art

A couple of Friday's ago, while I was standing in line at the Empty Bowl fundraiser for Hawaii Potter's Guild at Art at Mark's Garage, Lesa Griffith comes up to me and hands me this flyer. I was already in sensory overload with my bowl in had, Mochi on her leash, people everywhere and me trying to find the soup line. I had about 5 seconds to look over the flyer and ask Lesa what Wikipedia had to do with Art (and the Honolulu Academy of Arts)? I remember her saying, "look at the flyer" before disappearing. That is typically how I find out about things. Luck for me, I crumpled the flyer and stuck it in my pocket. At home I looked at it more discerningly and noticed the Flickr url for the Wikipedia Loves Art group. There is also a detailed posting of the rules for the scavenger hunt on Wikipedia. I also contacted Lesa and asked if she wanted to send someone to our show, Bytemarks Cafe, to talk about the event that ran Feb. 14, 15 and 27. The lovely Sabrina Valezquez joined us to give us the details for the event. So fast forward to today (2/15) and I thought I would check out the photos posted to Flickr of the art pieces. If you go to the group and follow the tag cloud you can see the photos posted for HAA (Honolulu Academy of Arts) or simply click here. Looks like they now have a few few shooters but could use a few more. Either that or they are slowing uploading their photos to Flickr. I know how that is. There is one more day on Feb 27th to continue the game. Also wanted to mention an upcoming workshop that fellow geek Ryan Ozawa and I are doing at Kapiolani Community College this coming next two Saturdays, Feb 21st and Feb 28th. It is a basic workshop to establish your online presence. Those of you reading this blog are already familiar with the social media tools like blogs, Google docs, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, etc. This workshop is gear to those wanting to get on but due to time and inclination have not yet done so. We are going to help kickstart that process. If you know of anyone interested in participating in this workshop please send them our way. The price is reasonable due to the generosity of the High Tech Development Corp.