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What you are looking at is the (soft) launch of our new web project called Techspotting. Soft because we don't have a big budget for a SXSW party with swag, fancy pupus and an open bar. Techspotting is just a couple of geeks equipped with their iPhone, Glif and mini tripod recording video of the latest tech that has wash upon the shores of Paradise. As Ryan puts it, "We got so much bandwidth, we might as well put it to good use." We did our first edition sequestered in the quiet of the CR-7 studio and talked about the new social conversation platform called Namesake. The company was founded by a couple of ex-Myspace execs, Dan Gould and Brian Norgard and written up in Techcrunch back in Sept 2010. Last week there was a sudden explosion of users and my inbox got flooded with followers. What was once an invite only access was now open to the public. I love the clean interface and the fact that it has all the real time hooks. It's a little bit of Twitter, Quora and Google Wave all wrapped up in one site, IMHO. I find myself going back to it each day either because I have a conversation I am following or someone has endorsed me. Namesake's persistence is winning me over and the community right now is quite vibrant. Our second video was about Square, a big disrupter in a very little package. They been out for about a year but just got written up in Fast Company for their strategy to go after the retail register market. They elevated themselves from a novelty to a potential game changer. I started off using it just to sell some t-shirts at the last Unconferenz. Obviously Square has a lot more potential that a guy selling t-shirts out of the trunk of his car. Any business looking to purchase a point of sale system needs to consider Square as a potential option. It'll be interesting to track their progress. Stay tuned for more Techspotting videos. Feel free to send in your comments and suggestions for future editions. We love to hear what you think.