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TechHui Conference

TechHuiTechHui, the social network of Hawaii's tech community is hosting a conference this Saturday, July 25, 2009 at the Univ. of Hawaii, Art Auditorium. I spoke to Dan Leuck, organizer of the event, earlier today and asked him what makes this conference different from other tech conferences in Honolulu. For starters, it features speakers from local tech companies who are pioneers in their fields. This includes people like Kaz Hashimoto, Avatar-Reality; Jeff Mikulina, Blue Planet Foundation and Moriba Jah, Advanced Science & Technology Research Institute for Astrodynamics. This diversity of topics extends into the sessions that cover everything from alternative energy, social media, 3D CG & Animation, User Experience Design to Star Trek Tech. Another unique feature of this conference is that it is aimed at the tech geek and intends to delve deeper into the subjects than your typical conference. In a session I am moderating called Star Trek Tech we'll have companies including Think Rapid who has system that is able to replicate 3D objects over the network. Imagine having a 3D widget on O`ahu, digitizing it and sending over the network to be replicated in Guam. This can be done with plastics and metals. In the same session Dr. Stefan Moisyadi will talk about projects involving transgenic modifications, think glowing mice. There's a lot to choose from and all representative of work being done in Hawaii. It's quite an impressive assortment. For more information check out the TechHui Conference event page. This is well worth the $15 admission.