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Lunch Wagon 2.0

Lunch Wagon 2.0There is a phenomenon happening on the streets of Honolulu that I am finding quite tasty. Lunch wagons are popping up all over the place. It's not like they weren't already a common occurrence, it's just that these are active in the Web 2.0 space. This past week I visited 4 around the Keeaumoku St area. They include Melt, OnotoGo, Yajima-Ya and Eatgogi. I haven't tried all of their food fare but intent to. The closest to my work place is Melt, located on Akoko St. a side street off King. If you are driving just hang a left on Akoko St. right before Easy Music. Word is they have some great sandwiches which I plan to try next week. Next up is Yajima-Ya on Sheridan St. They are right next to Hinone Mizunone in an empty parking lot. On first appearance, how they got the lunch wagon into that space looks like an engineering feat. As it turns out, Tomo, the guy managing the lunch wagon tells me it was just a matter of careful driving. They got some delicious looking donburi starting from $6.50. Another on my must try list. Further down the street, on the corner of Sheridan St. and Makaloa St. in another parking lot is @WedgeLee's lunch wagon OnotoGo. They are right next to Modern Pet Center which is a landmark for me since small kid time. Wedge is the master social media guru so it surprised me to see him behind the grill also. His signature lunches include his kiawe grilled selections but he also told me his hamburger curry is also a winner. Finally for a nice walk all the way to Kapiolani Blvd. you'll find Jim Wilson's EatGogi lunch wagon. Get their Gogi Dog for a broke do mouth experience. This "korean" fusion selection has a hefty hot dog covered in bacon chili topped with an egg and hot sauce. For $6 I would definitely go back and have another. These bulgogi tacos look pretty good too. I understand Jim is planning to introduce other fusion creations which I am sure he will announce on this twitter account.