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Aimi – Ebisubashi Bridge, Dotonbori

Ebisubashi is a central bridge and major attraction in the heart of Dotonbori. We crossed this bridge everyday during our stay in Osaka. Each time there was something new to experience. From here you can access all the restaurants in the area. Don Quijote is about one minute away and the iconic Glico Man looms over everything. In the evening this bridge is known to be a pick-up place where young people rendezvous. Nearby are the Love hotels, but that is a different story. During the day you will run into typical Osakaites scurrying from one shop to the next. You might also find street performers testing out their material. Ron Mizutani showed us a video he and Greg Lau took of a dance troupe practicing their moves on the Ebisubashi crowd. Unfortunately that footage didn't get into the video segments that were run on KHON about Osaka and Kyoto. On this our last day in Osaka, we happened on a street performance by a musician named Aimi. I find these chance meetings most memorable, nothing planned, pure serendipity. She happen to be playing what was to be her last song of the afternoon. With iPhone in hand, this is what I captured.  I love her passion and expressiveness. Who knows, she might be the next big J-pop star. Regardless, it was well worth the experience.

Departing in Style – HAL to Osaka #HAOsaka

For Hawaiian Airlines this is the the second destination route to Japan. This opens up the Kansai area for Hawaiian Air to connect more tourists and business people between Hawaii and Japan. It was a festive event this past Tuesday, July 12th, as I tried to capture the celebration at the departure gate prior to take off. Stay tuned for more to come...
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