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Eat Local Challenge 2010

Eat LocalWhen you stop to think about where all our food comes from you realize how much of it is shipped in from outside the state. About 90% of Hawaii's food is brought in from elsewhere. And, if transportation to Hawaii was cut off, there would be about 2 weeks worth of food on island to sustain the population. That's a little scary. Granted, I'm not about to stop buying my Rotisserie chicken and box of Fuji apples from Costco anytime soon, but what if for one week we were to challenge ourselves to eat local. By this I mean eat foods that are grown here in Hawaii. With this we can raise the awareness of locally grown foods and support our local farmers, ranchers and fishermen, perhaps even grow this industry to be more than 10% of our food intake. Kanu Hawaii started this challenge in 2009 and the 2nd annual Eat Local Challenge 2010 is talking place on Sept. 26 to October 2. Last year several restaurants joined in the challenge by offering selection that were 100% locally sourced. Town and Downtown both participated and I assume will continue this year. I am on the hunt to find out if there are more restaurants joining in. This will at least make the lunchtime, Eat Local experience more tasty. Another suggestion would be to stock up on local produce at the KCC Farmers Market. In the meantime the Kanu Eat Local site will have a list of participating restaurants and produce specials but as of this writing it's Coming Soon. You can also keep up with the play-by-play tweetstream by searching for the hashtag #EatLocalHI on Twitter. I plan to also blog my adventures and learnings along the way to eating local. Hope you will also join in the challenge.