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EUTF Revisited

A couple of days ago this video about the current EUTF Open Enrollment surfaced on YouTube. I got alerted to it by an email from a fellow co-worker at HMSA. The message was clearly pro-HMSA. The video was a montage of clips from a variety of sources including HMSA's current ads on television, a Common Craft-esque video, Did You Know 3.0, Today Show clips and some original footage comparing HMSA to HMA. Of course I thought this was Twitter worthy so immediately sent the tweet out. It was the buzz around the office. Someone even paid me a complement when they thought I did the video. It is really well done and way beyond my video editing skills. It remains a mystery who did this video. There is a disclaimer at the end of the video stating that it is not endorsed by HMSA and done by a health insurance consumer. Obviously, this person felt quite compelled to get the message out. If the person who did this video wants to reveal themselves to me, I will surely complement them on a job well done. In related EUTF news, Ian Lind, long time journalist and blogger, posted some interesting information on his blog. Based on information he received from Univ. of Hawaii Professional Assembly, HMSA was not allowed to offer a comparable 90/10 plan because the EUTF computer application could not accommodate the additional "code space" for the plan. What? Are we talking pre-Y2K computers? This seems pretty bizarre given the sophistication of today's computer systems. I asked around at work and they too had heard a similar story although could not confirm whether it was in fact a true condition of the EUTF computers. All I can say is Caveat emptor.