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Roz Savage

I had the fortune of meeting this wonderful woman last year as she entered into the Waikiki Yacht Club on her ocean voyage from California to Hawaii. For Roz Savage, this was just the first leg of a trans-Pacific quest to solo-row from California to Australia.
Her mission, which she takes seriously is to bring awareness to the condition of our planet and to motivate people to do something about it. On her initial leg of her voyage it was about the pollution we were dumping into the ocean, particularly plastics. On this segment of her voyage as she continues her journey to Australia is to focus on global warming. Her midway stopover is the island nation of Tuvalu (.tv). That is if she can find it. Tuvalu is disappearing as a result of the raising oceans. What I find amazing is the commitment and focus in a woman like Roz. At each of the events that I attended she was the focus of attention where everyone wanted some time with her. And for all those people she gave them her time. Even at her launching, where frenetic activity is the norm, she took the time to turn her attention away from last minute packing and take a photo with an adoring fan. It was like she was already on the ocean, taking each wave and swell as it came, not fighting it but riding it. She was literally going with the flow. For the next 70 or so days, Roz will be alone on the ocean. Taking her 10,000 rows, one stroke at a time. We can all support her by staying in touch with her on her website and her blog. She also has this very cool Roz Tracker developed by local tech company Archinoetics. With the tracker, you not only see where Roz is but it also informs you via Twitter and announces updates to her blog. It's not often that you meet people like Roz Savage so when you do you should relish the moment. If we could all do just .1 percent of what she is doing, the world would be such a better place for all.