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Day 2 in Kyoto

Day 2: KyotoOn this second day in Japan, we hopped a train to Kyoto and ventured out on our own. This shot was taken at Daitoku-ji Temple at the Daisen-in. This building was where Sen No Rikyu's tea room was on display. Unfortunately no photographs were allowed. I did snap of this shot of the rock garden which I found quite pleasing. I won't speculate on the meaning of the rock formations but leave that for your interpretation. If you have some insight, please share. You can see more photos of Daitoku-ji in my Flickr set of Day 2 in Kyoto. Soen Ozeki is the head abbot at Daisen-in whose poetry was displayed throughout the hall.

A song of Gratitude The whole family, harmonious and devout. Aware of debts to our parents and ancestors. Revering Nature, grateful for society. Always humble, learning from others. Able to give, demonstrating kindness. Making one's motto: "A bright life." Overlooking other's faults, correcting one's own. Moderate in speech, not getting angry. Gentle, kind, honest. Let's appreciate the joy of life. Patient. Peaceful. Not getting angry. Careful in speech. This leads to a long life. --Soen Ozeki