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Burger Genius

Burger GeniusWhat better way to spend an afternoon than with friends sampling all manner of burgers. @Turkeyboy808 (aka Jason Kim) Chief Proprietor of Burgers on the Edge has this contest going to pick the best custom burger. Jason and his team ran this contest last year and based on its success are making it an annual event. They culled through several hundred submissions and ended up with these 7 burgers, 3 in the beef category, 2 in turkey and 2 in veggie. The number of burgers bought by June 30th will determine which custom burger will get added onto the menu. There will be one burger winner for each category. According to Jason, he updates that Burger track on the home page every day, manually. Our little tasting party consisted of @Neenz, @Nctrnlbst, @tweetpea @noe808 and @RodneyLee. We ordered each of the entries (Mr. Smarty Pants, Save the Chickens, Plan B, Garden Isle, Da Local Kine, Kung POW and Southern Belle) and sampled the creations. Here are my rankings on a scale of 1 to 5 where 5 is the best.
  • Mr. Smarty Pants: 4 - Pepper Jack cheese and fried egg worked well with the turkey burger.
  • Save the Chickens: 2 - Cream of mushroom didn't quite do it for me. Sorry @ryankanno
  • Plan B: 4 - The tonkatsu sauce and onions worked on this veggie burger. Nice job @starletshay
  • Garden Isle: 2 - Too subtle for my tastes, it needed something.
  • Da Local Kine: 3 - Kinda liked the spam and pineapple combo but novelty did not last.
  • Kung POW: 1 - Wrong! Hoisin should not be used on a beef burger.
  • Southern Belle: 5 - My favorite, the Ranch worked with sharp cheddar and fried tomato.
Now get out there and tell me what your favorite is.