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2009 in Review

As we welcome in the New Year 2010, I always like to look back at the previous year and celebrate the memorable moments that helped to define that year. As we transition from one year to the next I find it a good habit to acknowledge and be respectful of the past and to look with hope into the future. I usually post my Top 10 memorable moments as a blog post but this year I tried something a little different. I went out to Twitter and asked others to participate using the hashtag of #2009Top10. It was fun to see others recollect the year in review and come up with their significant moments. Mahalos go out to bitershark, Melissa808, NathanKam, PHOTOluluTV and CindyBlanknship for participating. If you are interested in reading the tweet stream just do a search on #2009Top10 or click here. If over time Twitter does not archive this tweet stream I've saved it as a Google doc. If you feel inspired to create your Top 10 memorable moments for 2009 please do. I encourage you to use the hashtag #2009Top10 and I will update the Google doc. Also as 2010 unfolds make every moment a special moment. The following is my reverse chronological thread of my Top 10 memorable moments in 2009. Wishing you all the best in 2010 - The Year of the Tiger!
  1. Burt120px_normal Bytemarks What are your Top 10 memorable moments for 2009? #2009top10 1 day ago from Tweetie
  2. Burt120px_normal Bytemarks What are your Top 10 memorable moments for 2009? Seeing the Star Trek Movie was one for me. Countdown to continue... #2009Top10 about 23 hours ago from web
  3. Burt120px_normal Bytemarks Next memorable moment following a somewhat chronological order is the 2nd Annual Unconferenz held over at JAIMS back in Feb. #2009top10 about 21 hours ago from web
  4. Burt120px_normal Bytemarks # 3 in my list of Top 10 memorable moments is when my Acura Integra died this year which lead to a new Acura TSX. It's all good. #2009Top10 about 20 hours ago from web
  5. Burt120px_normal Bytemarks Continuing the countdown # 4 is work related. It's the formation of the Innovation Team and HMSA 2.0. I consider myself superlucky #2009Top10 about 20 hours ago from web
  6. Burt120px_normal Bytemarks Going to @SXSW for the first time is # 5. I went to a great @guykawasaki party put on by @neenz and met the inspiring @sunnibrown #2009Top10 about 19 hours ago from web
  7. Burt120px_normal Bytemarks Going out on the escort boat to watch @rozsavage continue her trans Pacific solo row was my # 6 memorable moment. #2009Top10 about 18 hours ago from web
  8. Burt120px_normal Bytemarks Spending Summer Solstice on Kaua`i in a valley called Nualolo is # 7 It was a great place to spend the longest day of the year. #2009Top10 about 17 hours ago from web
  9. Burt120px_normal Bytemarks My # 8 is an aircraft carrier. How awesome was it to go out on the @USS_Nimitz? Very awesome! That was a signature moment for my #2009Top10 about 17 hours ago from TweetDeck
  10. Burt120px_normal Bytemarks The Wayfinder Series at HPR is # 9. We had Nainoa Thompson, James Koshiba and Paul Zorner on as speakers. Great storytellers. #2009top10 about 17 hours ago from Tweetie
  11. Burt120px_normal Bytemarks During our ride on the Hokule`a we were visited by A or Hawaiian Booby is my memorable moment # 10. In every moment a connection. #2009Top10 about 16 hours ago from web