The Artic Circle

It's like traveling to another planet but the people there speak English. The landscape is awesome. As far as the eye can see there is nothing but white snow and ice. It is totally alien to anything here in Hawaii. I learned a lot about the varying degrees of cold. I can now tell you without a doubt that 20 degress feels warm compared to -20 below.

Snowy Anchorage

I left Honolulu at 8:30am on Wed. 3/3 and arrived at Anchorage AK at about 12 midnight. It was one of the longest plane rides I've ever been on. Much longer than flying to places like Fiji. Part of the problem is the circuitous route, Hono - LA - Seattle - Anchorage. Before getting here people were saying it hasn't snowed. That is usually the foreboding of snow and sure enough, today 3/4 it is snowing in Anchorage. Not big snow but just enough to make everything white. I love it but I love Hawai`i warm weather a whole lot more. I'll be checking out the Iditarod start this coming Saturday, 3/6. Stay tuned...

Sunrise on Kaho`olawe

Between Feb. 4 and Feb. 8 the annual closing of the Makahiki season took place on Kaho`olawe. This is celebration of Lono, the Hawaiian god of rain and rebirth. It is also symbolic of the closing of the old year and welcoming the new. This is a sunrise shot taken in Hakioawa. It was a cloudy morning but the sun peaked through just enough to brighten up the sky and reflect off the water. Scenes like this are abundant on Kaho`olawe. It is a far cry from the devastated landscape perceived by many in Hawai`i. All you need to do to realize this is to experience it for yourself.

Zine Fest 2004

Teradactyl was one of the featured bands at ZineFest 2004. They're a cool pop band with melodic vocals and jangly guitars. My kind of music. The Zine Fest has been going on for 8 years according to Otto. He didn't know how many zine publishers would show up but to our surprise there about 9 different zine publications. Some of which were printed just for this occasion.


There's nothing like having a giant media and consumer electronic powerhouse like Sony sponsoring a lunch on Tuesday, 1/13, at the Pacific Telecommunications Council annual conference. If you didn't know it you would have thought it was purely a Sony event. I'll admit though, they got some cool technology, like the twin QRIO robots. Sony had the audience in the palm of their hand after QRIO's little jig on stage.


Gary Chun and I reprised our Rough Take show on KTUH, 90.3FM. Every Saturday KTUH invites alumni to come back on the radio to play whatever meets their fancy. We had a show back in the mid to late 80's where we played alternative music, not necessarily of any particular genre. It's always a blast getting back on the radio. Admittedly, Gary gets a lot more CDs than I do since he does the music and entertainment writing for the Star Bulletin. I end up finding my music choices from listening to the walk of life, most of the time quite coincidentally. If you got a favorite band, let me know. I am always interested in what stirs people.

Genki Sushi

It might not be known as the greatest sushi but it still hits the spot. Epecially after eating all that Christmas food, it's nice to have some nigiri sushi. I had a craving for the chili-pepper ahi sushi. Look for Nate, the restaurant manager, he's a nice guy and will take your individual order so you don't have to wait for the conveyor belt.

Hawaii Kai Salt

This high-tech facility is not in Hawaii Kai but in Kaunakakai, Molokai. They produce salt from the ocean using solar energy, UV filters and an assortment of distilling techniques. I went to check their operation out last week Friday, 12/19/03. Very cool sustainable technology.

Amoeba Records

It's been almost a week since being in San Francisco and I am still thinking about that great city. I am sure some of that is clouded by a tourist's rose colored lense but all the better to remember. One favorite hang out is Amoeba Music. Gone are the days of independent record stores in Hawaii. So here's another reason to go to SF. Amoeba Music is reminisent of stores like Vinyl Donut or Hungry Ear only the size of Tower Records. The place is huge. I could have spent hours in there just browsing. Instead I caught up with Nueva Vida's ex-keyboard player, Allen Leong. Amoeba

He's got a little longer hair than when I last saw him. I don't even remember when that was. Besides working full time at Amoeba, Allen's one of those popular side men playing with jazz bands around the Bay Area. Most of which is outside of SF. There's an active jazz club scene in the City and around the Bay Area. The recommended place for jazz was Yoshi's in Oakland where Pharoah Sanders was playing. Pick up a Bay Guardian to find out all the other places with jazz and whatever music suits your fancy.

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