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My wearable choice #AppleWatch

Sport Space Gray, 42 mm with Black band
Buying Apple products has become an experience in and of itself. Ever since last year's Apple Watch announcement, April 10th was one of Apple's most anticipated product launches. At 9:00pm HST you could go online and schedule a try-on and/or order online. I managed to grab a 9:45 appointment and had the pleasure of experiencing the launch of a brand new computing category, the wearable.
Casio Pathfinder
It's been more than 10 years since I've worn a watch. My last watch was a Casio Pathfinder with triple sensor including altimeter, barometer, thermometer and compass. It was primarily for outdoor activities like hiking. The watch was a huge monstrosity but I got used to it. Once I got a smartphone I abandoned the watch. I wasn't hiking as much and I could check time on my phone. I also wanted to free my wrist of this bulky mass. But when Apple announced their watch I wrestled with the idea of putting on another watch. At first glance I thought the Apple Watch going to sit high on my wrist like a little pillow, but when I compared it to my Pathfinder, it was surprisingly slim. That was a selling point. What also convinced me was the new built in sensors. Instead of altimeters and barometers, there are heart rate sensors, GPS and accelerometer. Much more important if you want information about your personal activities. I like the fact that my devices, both watch and phone can collect data about my runs or walks. Of course the Apple Watch does a lot more with apps, taptic and notifications. I am very curious about the impact of bringing the computer closer to the body in the form of a wearable. Where the smartphone and tablets open new use cases, the wearable will usher in a new set of ways to interact with information, community and environment. So for me to understand (and appreciate) this is to wear one and experience it first hand. Hence I am going back to wearing a watch and thankfully one that is not anywhere as bulky as the last. My online order will not get filled until June so until then I wait in anticipation...