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Yodobashi Camera

If you are into electronics, cameras or gadgets in general Yodobashi Camera is the place to be. Knowing my geeky interests, @Sophielynette cued me on to Yodobashi. There are about 21 of these stores scattered around Japan, each one consisting of multiple floors of electronics gear. The one we went to in Umeda was 8 floors, jam packed with everything electronic you can think of. I recall mentioning to Bert Kimura, one of our guides on this excursion, that it was an assault on the senses. There were racks stacked full of gear, signs pointing you in every direction and people everywhere. You could get lost in there and your family would never find you. I was impressed with the vast assortment of gear on display. But it wasn't just the assortment, it was the depth. For example I happened onto the section of the store featuring telescopes. Yodobashi not only had a vast selection of telescopes and binoculars but in addition they had microscopes and scientific accessories. I couldn't even think of a place in Hawaii that sells microscopes. The camera department is the signature section of the store. It's a photographers heaven in there. Dallas Nagata White asked if they had the Leica M9 and sure enough, there it was. My measure of a store's worth is the amount of tripods they carry. Not just any tripod, I am looking for quirky Gorillapods. Yodobashi had tiny little tripods, big huge tripods and this rack full of Gorillapods. Okay, I am done gushing over Yodobashi. We had to pry ourselves out of there and get Dallas to the train for the airport. If you want more on our Osaka adventure check out Dallas' excellent photo gallery and Mari's delicious foodie video. You can also check out my Flickr set of our Day 3: Osaka. ** Mahalo to Hawaiian Airlines who sponsored this trip on their inaugural flight from Honolulu to Osaka, Kansai.

Lomography Walk

Lomography WalkOn one of my routine walks to the post office I rather spontaneously decided to use whatever was left on my camera's battery charge. I never really know how many shots are left when the indicator light starts to blink so why not just shoot away. A friend of mine described a technique of casual picture taking referred to as lomography. Technically, lomography is a name resulting from a camera called the LOMO. There is also a community build around this style of shooting that live by these 10 Golden Rules of lomography. I particularly like #4: Try the shot from the hip. When you shoot from the hip, there's no time to think or really look. You just aim, shot and keep walking. At least that's what I was doing. So my route took me along Beretania St. near St. Andrews Priory, down Richards St. along the Capitol and the State Art Museum, the YWCA, across King St. to the post office, then along Merchant St. and finally back up Bishop St. I just randomly shot things/plants/people I saw, always from the hip. You can find the Flickr set of my Lomography Walk here. It was actually a fun experience. I can't imagine doing this with a film camera because you'd be burning through rolls of film and tons of money. At least with your digital camera you just need to buy more memory. Give it a try and share your lomography walk.