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TrailguruMy buddy Ryan turned me on to this cool iPhone app called Trailguru. I am already carrying my iPhone where ever I go but this app now gives me reason to carry it while I go running. Trailguru is a free app you can download from the iTunes app store. It's very simple to run. Click Start and away you go. It will track your time and distance as well as map your travel coordinates on a Google map. You can take pictures along the way. Once you've completed your run, you post your results to your account on the website. It's that simple. A couple of things you need to remember. One, you need to leave it on, i.e. it has to be in the foreground and active. I clicked off the screen once and the app stopped recording my run stats. Two, be sure to start off with a full charge of battery. Leaving it on during your run will deplete your charge. After a one-hour run, you can see my power meter is already down 50%. The camera integration is nice. If you are on a hike (or even when I am running) you can stop and shoot a picture. Trailguru will store the photo, geocode the location and map it on your route. My complaint about the photos is that it remains in the Trailguru application until you post your run to the website. At which point the photos are deleted from the phone. The photos are not accessible from the iPhone camera roll. Another aspect of the photos in Trailguru is that it is limited to 800x600 pixels, so even if your iPhone camera can take high res photos you are limited to a photo about 120K in size. Perhaps this was done to not overtax the uploading process. If so it is understandable. I was quite interested in how the Trailguru iPhone app is integrated into the website which is based on open source Mediawiki. As you know Mediawiki is the wiki platform used to power Wikipedia. With this wiki platform, Trailguru has the potential for being the place to crowd source the running routes, bike paths and hiking trails people frequent. Overall, Trailguru is a great Free app that I will find myself returning to frequently.