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Wikipedia Loves Art

A couple of Friday's ago, while I was standing in line at the Empty Bowl fundraiser for Hawaii Potter's Guild at Art at Mark's Garage, Lesa Griffith comes up to me and hands me this flyer. I was already in sensory overload with my bowl in had, Mochi on her leash, people everywhere and me trying to find the soup line. I had about 5 seconds to look over the flyer and ask Lesa what Wikipedia had to do with Art (and the Honolulu Academy of Arts)? I remember her saying, "look at the flyer" before disappearing. That is typically how I find out about things. Luck for me, I crumpled the flyer and stuck it in my pocket. At home I looked at it more discerningly and noticed the Flickr url for the Wikipedia Loves Art group. There is also a detailed posting of the rules for the scavenger hunt on Wikipedia. I also contacted Lesa and asked if she wanted to send someone to our show, Bytemarks Cafe, to talk about the event that ran Feb. 14, 15 and 27. The lovely Sabrina Valezquez joined us to give us the details for the event. So fast forward to today (2/15) and I thought I would check out the photos posted to Flickr of the art pieces. If you go to the group and follow the tag cloud you can see the photos posted for HAA (Honolulu Academy of Arts) or simply click here. Looks like they now have a few few shooters but could use a few more. Either that or they are slowing uploading their photos to Flickr. I know how that is. There is one more day on Feb 27th to continue the game. Also wanted to mention an upcoming workshop that fellow geek Ryan Ozawa and I are doing at Kapiolani Community College this coming next two Saturdays, Feb 21st and Feb 28th. It is a basic workshop to establish your online presence. Those of you reading this blog are already familiar with the social media tools like blogs, Google docs, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, etc. This workshop is gear to those wanting to get on but due to time and inclination have not yet done so. We are going to help kickstart that process. If you know of anyone interested in participating in this workshop please send them our way. The price is reasonable due to the generosity of the High Tech Development Corp.

Highlights of 2008

As 2008 comes to a close I like to look back and see what made the year memorable. We are in a constant flow of events that happen around us and immerse us. We may rejoice in the high points and learn from the low ones. What was it that made your 2008 significant? Here are my 10 choices in chronological order:
  1. Conducting the first Unconferenz
  2. Participating in a Zen workshop called Zazenkai
  3. Being laid off from Hawaiian Telcom
  4. Volunteering at the Academy of Arts, Bhutan Exhibit
  5. Participating in the Developing the Warrior Within workshop
  6. Experiencing the power and community of Twitter
  7. Attending the first Geek Meet Picnic
  8. Getting a job at HMSA
  9. Starting Bytemarks Cafe at Hawaii Public Radio
  10. Getting to go to Saltimbanco

VEX Robotics Competition

The State of Hawaii Dept. of Education and Dept. of Business, Economic Development and Tourism have successfully implemented various robotics competitions and now getting widespread participation throughout Hawaii and beyond. The VEX Robotics Competition is the most recent event taking place in December. Here are some of the highlights:
  • The Pan Pacific VEX Robotics Championship is from December 4 through 6, 2008, at the Hawaii Convention Center.
  • It is Hawaii's first international robotics competition.
  • Currently, there are 67 teams from Hawaii, 11 teams from China, 1 from Japan, and 5 from the mainland U.S.
For more information the State of Hawaii's Robotics Organizing Committee has a site summarizing the VEX event.

Manoa Geeks @ Oceanit

Manoa Geeks @ OceanitIt was quite an emotional scene at the last Manoa Geeks meetup on Thursday, June 4, 2008. Aaron Dragushan (@dragushan) is moving from Hawaii to Washington D.C. He announced that this would be his last attendance at Manoa Geeks, at least in person. The Manoa Geeks meetups have evolved from small gatherings at Starbuck's in Manoa to standing room only crowds in downtown Honolulu tech companies. The companies, in this case Oceanit, have been gracious to offer up meeting space, wifi access and food! Attendees are encouraged to share an event, showcase a web project or demo a product. It is all quite social and interactive largely due to Aaron's infectious personality. He is always smiling from ear to ear. We are going to miss his positive energy. At this month's meetup, @Phlatphrog (Patrick Kelly) demo'ed his ride sharing website, Ride4all, @SethLadd showed his crowd wisdom (I stole that from Peter Kay) site at Whateverisfinewithme and Curtis Kropar shared a project that is really striving to make a differenct at Hawaiian Hope. Aaron Dragushan topped the evening off by reviewing the latest developments to his Ask500people project. That site has come a long way and I am glad to have gotten to watch its evolution. Aaron will be one of our first guests on Bytemarks Cafe and I am dying to ask him some questions about how he came up with the idea. It is great to see projects like these get their start here in Hawaii. Thank goodness, the Manoa Geeks legacy will continue with @Hawaii who got the baton handed to him from Aaron to keep the meetups happening. @Hawaii wrote a great blog entry with copious notes and twitter contacts. You can also view the current and past photos of Manoa Geeks on Flickr. Stay tune to the next Manoa Geeks meetup coming to a conference room near you.

1st Annual Hawaii Geek Meet

First Annual Hawaii Geek MeetEveryone has their passion and for Ron it's Amateur Radio. Ever since I've known Ron, now going on close to 18 years, he's been the ham radio guy. But that's what a geek is, someone who is extremely interested in something almost to the point of obsessive. Normal people might find this peculiar but deep down inside we all have our geek tendencies, if you don't then you just might be a tad boring. So whether it was Ron and his mobile ham radio rig, Paul with his solar telescope, First Annual Hawaii Geek Meet Bob with his talking pulse meter, the medieval warriors with their broad swords, Helen with her rockets or Team Twitter Hawaii with their customer tees, what made the 1st Annual Hawaii Geek Meet such a success was the unity in diversity. It was such an interesting cross section of nearly 100 attendees. You were bound to find something captivating or learn something new in the process. I took a bunch of picture but so did everyone else. You can find all the Hawaii Geek Meet photos here. You can also read the Twitter conversation by going to and scan for #geekbbq. That Sunday went by super fast. The only thing I wish for was a three day weekend. Since Monday was a work day, I am ending this post here and getting some sleep before Tuesday sneaks up on me.