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Watamull Planetarium

Thanks to Mike Shanahan and the Bishop Museum for hosting the Bytemarks Lunch gang at the Watamull Planetarium. We got a private demonstration of the new Digistar 4 projection system. After Labor Day the planetarium will close for three months, from September 4 through November 30, 2012, for the second phase of renovations. This second phase will include:
  • Installation of a new, seamless interior dome in the theater
  • Installation of a new Goto Chronos II star projector, projecting 8,500 pin-point stars on the new dome
  • Reinstallation of Digistar 4 full dome video.
  • Installation of hybrid control system that will allow the Chronos star projector and Digistar 4 video system to ‘talk’ to each other.
  • New seats, carpet, lights and sound system.
It'll be exciting to see the new planetarium once the upgrades are done.

New Year Calendar 2011

I love this time of year when you can gather with friends to recollect all the good things that transpired in 2010 and look forward to 2011. As usually, this holiday break gave me some time to assemble my New Year calendar. This year the banner photo is again a shot of Diamond Head taken on one of my recent early morning runs around Ala Moana Beach Park. This time it is a composite of three shots from my iPhone stitched together with Autostitch. On the bottom left is Rochelle and me in Nagasaki standing in the boots of Ryoma Sakamoto. It's not really his boots but a monument for Ryoma Sakamoto, a visionary in Japan in the 1860s who was instrumental in bringing change to Japan's feudal system. There is a great series going on about Ryoma on KIKU-TV called Ryomaden, that is coming to conclusion shortly. It is a must see. Next photo is Princess Mochi with her dual bandana outfit. She is much happier now that we have her calcium levels in balance. Dogs live such short lives, we much enjoy every moment they spend with us. Finally, as the Year of the Rabbit is upon us, here is a piece Rochelle made called Gassho. I love how powerful and peaceful it is. As in previous years, I am printing these calendars on glossy paper and giving them away. If in the off chance I don't see you, please feel free to download and print a copy. Here's to wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season and all the best for 2011!

August Bytemarks Lunch

August Bytemarks LunchWhen you get a bunch of geeks together a lot of information gets pass along very quickly. Luckily this month's lunch attendance was small where the six of us, @pineapplejuice, @hawaii, @exbor, @carolyhi59 and @madmarv, could claim a table at La Pizza Rina. Even so, there is no way I can record all that info. So what I did this month is try to curate my notes. Here's what we came up with: Websites:
  • If you want to find out about what is happening in the social media scene you must check out @Hawaii's new website Hawaii Social You'll find up to date highlights on events, workshops and the occasional provocative article about SM in the local media.
  • And if it's the bon dance schedule you are looking for go to @champuru's
  • Carolyhi59 brought up A creative group collaboration that chronicles the adventures of Domo.
  • Madmarv reminded me about Unconferenz 2011 and the fact that it is only 5 months away. Tentatively we are looking at the 3rd week in Feb 2011. I will be more specific as soon as I hear back from KCC.
  • We also talked about the end of Metromix and the rise of Nonstop Honolulu. They are going to give TGIF in the Star-Advertiser a run for their money. Nonstop Honolulu has strong sociable personalities whereas TGIF is pretty nondescript. I'm not even sure who is behind their Twitter account.
  • Madmarv remembers we talked about DVR to DVD recording. Fringe. Social media in politics. Furloughs. A smidgen of gadget geeking. Civil beat.
  • Carolyhi59 tweets us: My DVR is a Toshiba HDD/DVR model # RD-XS52SU. It's at least 5 yrs old. I found it on 🙂
  • Hawaii said he advocated just getting a DVD recorder, available at Costco and Walmart. Otherwise, TiVo all the way!
  • Pineapplejuice recalls us talking about: Mufi's flyer, and how that self-described social media expert said that no (political) campaign was using social media effectively, general mobile device show-and-tell, and geolocation services - Foursquare, Gowalla, and now Facebook Places - and how FP doesn't work on my phone for some reason.
  • Exbor tweeted the fact that we got into deep conversations with the group. He also reminded me that we talked about Google's new Phone Service and suggested this Lifehacker tip.
That's it for now. If you are interested in finding out about the next Bytemarks Lunch, just sign up for the Bytemarks Yahoogroup and you will get the notifications. Some of you might think Yahoogroups is old school but back in 2003 when we started the group, Yahoogroups was it! Mahalo to @hawaii for these lunchtime photos.