Hydroptere docked at Kewalo Basin Harbor

IMG_4640 The 60-foot trimaran hydrofoil Hydroptere made the transPacific crossing from Los Angeles, leaving on June 22, 2015 with the intent to break the transPacific speed record. Their ulterior motive was to meet up with the arrival of the solar powered plane, Solar Impulse. Designed to catch the wind and skim over the water, Hydroptere reached record speeds of more that 60mph. Due to the lack of winds and a detour to avoid a large debris patch the Hydroptere took nearly 11 days to arrive in Hawaii, far behind the record time of 4 days, 19 hours, set back in 2005. Nevertheless, the timing was perfect as the two clean tech pioneers Bertand Piccard (Solar Impulse) and Alain Thebault (Hydroptere), got to rendezvous in Honolulu. The Solar Impulse, piloted by Andre Borshberg arrived early Friday morning, July 3, 2015. Hydroptere also arrived on July 3rd. The trimaran is currently docked at Kewalo Basin Harbor where I was able to snapped these photos and periscoped this walk around. It's great to see these two high tech marvels at the same time in Honolulu.