@FlyWireCameras on The Geek Beat

Geek Beat- Flywire Cameras While visiting the Capitol on Opening Day, I saw Rep. Angus McKelvey with his GoPro strapped to his head recording his conversations with visitors. It was cool, but that GoPro was quite noticeable on his forehead. I wondered what local company FlyWire Cameras had as an alternative. One thing lead to another and we had a opportunity to showcase FlyWire on our Geek Beat segment on Hawaii News Now's Sunrise. In setting up the segment I thought it would be fun to initially wear the FlyWire and then hand it off to Dan Cooke to wear. In the handoff, the cameraman zoomed into the camera, eyewear and the DVR unit giving us a chance to talk about it. Dan then puts it on to conduct the interview. Here is the FPV of the segment. You can watch the Hawaii News Now segment here and compare. It's interesting to watch from the point of view of the interviewer. You get the behind the scenes view from inside the scene itself. If you want to find out more about FlyWire Cameras please visit their website and their Youtube channel. Ryan also did an excellent piece about FlyWire and the experience on his blog. The company just completed their demo day pitch at 500 Startups today, Friday, Jan 30, 2015 in the Bay Area. We wish them the best of luck. I would not be surprised if investors start throwing money their way. Oh and finally, I got an email from Rep. McKelvey today saying he bought himself a FlyWire!
I went ahead and bought a Flywire camera to use because better picture and sound (and because you recommended it).