Getting Ready!

disasterprepare Since September is National Preparedness Month, there seems to be an assortment of training opportunities to build your personal preparedness and community resilience. Over the course of last weekend there were three classes offered by different organizations. The first was from the National Disaster Preparedness Training Center, for which I teach an occasional social media class. The class I took is a newly certified FEMA class called Natural Disaster Awareness for Community Leaders. The key is to plan ahead of time, assess the available resources in your community and the different vulnerability factors that exist within those communities. It's important to organize before the event of an emergency. The second class was Skywarn offered by the local NOAA office. This is an introductory class for anyone interested in being a weather spotter for the National Weather Service. The program won't qualify you to be a meteorologist but it will give you the basics in identifying thunderstorms and the associated cloud formations. By taking the class you get a Skywarn number and the fundamentals of reporting local weather phenomenon like hail, flooding and storm conditions. The third workshop is an essential for anyone who considers their pet a part of their family. The Red Cross offers this pet first aid class that gives you the basics to help your pet in distress. It is described as pet CPR. The lessons taught in this class could help you resuscitate your pet and give you the needed time to get to the vet. Good information to know in the event of an emergency and your pet will love you for it.

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  1. Great information on how to get prepared. Looking forward to keeping the conversation going throughout the year to get our communities ready for disaster.

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