Code for America Summit 2012

This video is of Jen Pahlka, Founder and Executive Director of Code for America delivering the keynote address at the CfA Summit. It brings to light the movement we are a part of to help create a smarter government through civic engagement. I've talked before about the confluence of events that brought me to this point and to witness the intersection of all the people at the Summit is quite amazing. Personally, I will be sorting through all the information presented at the conference for some time to come. There were the personal contacts, civic accelerators, CfA Brigade members, videos to watch, links to explore and the myriad of ideas swirling around in my head. This CfA Summit experience is an incredible view into a movement that is happen across the country. In the video Jen talks about living in the intersection, on the boundaries of one environment to the next. This civic movement is the intersection between the monolithic, bureaucratic government and the lean, agile, civic hacker community. Technologies that brought us smartphones, the Internet and app development are scratching the surface of government, and assuming willing participants within government, we are seeing news ways of engaging and collaborating. Watch Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter's speech as a mayor who gets it.  And as David Eaves, MC for the CfA Summit would say:
Code for America is not really about hacking code—it’s about hacking culture.
I'm not sure how much Honolulu appreciates this but with the help of CfA and the dynamic duo of Gordon Bruce and Forest Frizzell, we did a lot to hack the culture of the City & County of Honolulu. We did CityCamp Honolulu, Civic Hackathon, Geeks on DaBus, Honolulu Answers and now Hon*Celerator. We also brought design thinking into City government. Now the challenge is to keep the momentum going, regardless of who the next Mayor is. Have a great October and before we get into the frenzy of elections, enjoy the videos, photos and links from the CfA Summit.