14 thoughts on “Which MacBook Air would you get?”

  1. I think I saw a teardown (on Tekzilla maybe?) that said that the RAM is soldered onto the motherboard on the new Airs. So you have to pay Apple the $$$. I also read/saw something about Apple modifying their latest generation of hard drives / SSDs so that the OS will recognize when you are trying to switch to a 3rd party drive. Those drives will then fail whatever hardware detection test Apple does to lock in users. I'm not sure where I saw that story, but I'm sure you can track that down.

    BTW, I've been thinking about getting a 256 GB SSD, and it's like $400 – 500 for a decent OEM model.

  2. 4GB is the max … Since its on the motherboard, there aren't any BTO options right now. But vendors like OWC (macsales.com) may have interesting non-kosher upgrades soon (that of course void your warranty) 🙁 …

  3. Burt: Cheapest for decent speed. As the new MacAir demonstrates, everything will be moving towards the cloud. I really like my MacAir, though because it's company issued, I likely won't sync too many Mac apps.

  4. I'd say get the cheapest one or the middle one if CPU speed isn't a factor (unless you're doing Photoshop and other high-intensive processes). So it'll just boil down to 128GB of space or 256GB.

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