Tech in Arita, Japan

This is just a short post while I sit in the hotel lobby on the only Internet workstation in the hotel. I am currently in Arita, Japan, a city known for its porcelin ceramics. Very beautiful stuff and a great history on how the skill was brought to Japan. While in a old historic building converted to a musuem they told us where the toilets were and that they were very high tech. I have pictures and will post them later. This toilet had a control panel to manage all manner of function. It was complex enough that you had to figure out which button flushed it. Very impressive. Right next to the restrooms was this 21st century elevator with a cut in to the side of the two story building. It showed the bamboo scaffolding from the original structure. That is it for now. I like this free internet workstation but need to move on. The only thing missing from this hotel is the wifi access. So far, no wifi to speak of on the path we're taking through Kyushu. Japan 2010**Nov. 21, 2010 - Just uploaded a bunch of photos from my Japan trip. Here is the control panel from the toilet I was referring to. Gone are the days with just the single flush handle (unless of course you are living in the U.S.). This photo as all the instructions necessary to operate the toilet. Being that I cannot read Japanese, I resorted to pressing all the buttons. I also mentioned the elevator in this restored building. In this photo you can see a cutaway of the wall where they built the elevator. If you look closely you can see the bamboo used in construction. The elevator needed a lot more than bamboo to hold it up. I thought it was nice how they highlighted the traditional with the modern in this display.

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  1. Sounds awesome, I too can’t wait for the photos. Especially of the elevator. Those high tech toilets scare me with jets of warm water in places that jets of warm water have previously never been =)

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