SunRun offers Home Solar in Hawaii

SunRunSunRun announced today that it will offer its solar power service in Hawaii to residential customers. SunRun will offer homeowners rooftop solar systems for as little at $0 down. The homeowner then pays SunRun for monthly solar electricity. The estimated monthly savings is up to 15% less than current electric utility rates. SunRun owns, monitors, insures and maintains the solar panels at no additional cost. In the States that SunRun offers this service (which include Arizona, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Pennsylvania), SunRun teams up with local solar system installers. In Hawaii, they've teamed up with two major solar integrators, Sunetric and RevoluSun. This supports the local economy with jobs and opportunities. According to Alex Tiller, CEO of Sunetric,
This program opens the floodgates for every homeowner who wants to switch to solar. Thanks to SunRun, Hawaii will reduce its dependence on fossil fuels while taking control of its power bills. Additionally, Sunetric will be able to grow its team and stimulate much-needed job growth in the Islands.
In researching this announcement. I found this video of Lynn Jurich, President and co-founder of SunRun speaking on a panel at the Scientific American Rountable: Meet the Future. In section 7, Lynn describes the challenge of solar power adoption and SunRun's solution. It is an informative overview of what they have in mind for homeowners in Hawaii. If you find this interesting and want to find out more, tune in on Wednesday, Sept. 22 at 5:00pm to Bytemarks Cafe on 89.3FM KIPO - Hawaii Public Radio. We will have Lynn Jurich on the show by phone. Joining her in the studio will be Mark Duda of RevoluSun and Alex Tiller from Sunetric. If you have any questions on how this "Power Purchase Agreement" works this will be a perfect time to call in  (808) 941-3689.

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  1. Yeah, the initial cost of PV is very high, depending on how aggressive you want to be in reducing your HECO bill. SunRun provides an alternative entry in PV and solar.

  2. that’s what I figured. Life span should be about 15 – 20 years. I’m sure you’ll have to replace it – past that time the modules would have degraded enough so you’re not generating as much power as you would be when they are new – so maybe adding new panels would be a better bet. but in 15-20 years, who knows what the technology would be.

  3. Chris, I think that is the point. Not everyone has $15-20K for the system purchase. This helps overcome that barrier. What’s the life time of the system? Would you ever have to replace it?

  4. Interesting. It would seem that if you had the funds to purchase a PV system for yourself, you end up saving more in the long run (after 6-7 year’s the system is paid for). With this solar purchase, you’re saving only 15%? With a purchased PV system on your home, after 6-7 years, you might be saving 100% of your energy costs. Or am I missing something? (I have a purchased pv system btw and my usage is close to net zero)

  5. Wow, how timely! Currently looking at a PV installation with both Sunetric and RevoluSun. I should inquire more about this though I remember mention of this.

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