Mr. Waffle Dog

Jodo Mission Bon DanceIf you look in the back room of some of the most traditional practices in Hawaii, you will find tech. In this case it was the Jodo Mission Bon Dance. An annual event that I have grown fond of for is home town feel and great camaraderie. Each year there is the standard food fair of sushi, bbq meat, musubi and my favorite chili rice with hot dog. Every year there is also the iconic Waffle Dog. It's notoriety was sealed back in the days when KC Drive Inn was a landmark eatery in Kaimuki. KC Drive Inn closed in March 2005 but the Waffle Dog lives on. Dayton Asato, grandson of the owner of KC Drive Inn, Jiro Asato, carries on the Waffle Dog legacy with these custom made waffle irons that press out 6 batter encrusted hot dogs. Asato makes these units available to community groups for fund raisers, hence the ones at the Jodo Mission. The waffle batter is secret but the hot dogs are the kind you find at Foodland. (I wonder if anyone has gotten creative and used those fancy sausages from Costco?) Shown in the photo is master waffle maker Lianne Kitajima and her apprentice Tricia Murakami. Notice the flipping action to get it out on the tray in one piece. Lianne tells me there is no formal training for this, it is all OJT. As you venture into the Honolulu community events scene, I am sure you will find future Waffle Dog sightings. In the meantime I did find a "how to eat" a Waffle Dog video from Traci Toguchi, who obviously loves it whether eating it or pitching it. (Thanks to Ryan Ozawa for the Twitpic.)

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  1. I spent all night selling KC Waffle Dogs, but never saw where the magic happened. Great photos. Next year, I hope to see a Burt Lum video documentary!

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