Fuel Mandates

In preparation for this week's Bytemarks Cafe, where we talk to Stevie Whalen from the Hawaii Agriculture Research Center and Dave Waller from Hawaiian Electric about biofuels, I dug up this presentation done by Maurice Kaya back in 2002, while he was the State's Chief Technology Officer. In it you will find background information about the State's fuel mandates on the use of ethanol. As it turns out, the use of 10% ethanol in gasoline is mandated by law. This was supposed to coincide with the production of biofuels and the extraction of ethanol in the state. This did not happen as planned at the ethanol is now shipped in from out of state. Tune into KIPO 89.3FM on Wed 3/10 at 5pm and find out "the rest of the story." Ethanol Fuel for Hawaii State Policy, Incentives, and Mandate -