Wayfinder Series – Paul Zorner

Paul Zorner was our third speaker for the Wayfinder Lecture series held tonight at Hawaii Public Radio, Atherton studio. He spoke about how Hawaii's dependence on fuel and food from out of state sources is something we cannot sustain. At some point those external producers of both fuel and food will realize they need it to service their own people. The question is when that last barrel of oil comes to Hawaii will it be because we are self sufficient or will it be because it is needed elsewhere? How prepared will Hawaii be at that point. Most places on the US Continent have other sources of energy to tap; hydro, nuclear, solar, wind, etc. Ninety percent of Hawaii's energy needs are from external sources. Even if we had electric cars, we would still be burning oil to power our electric plants. Zorner's company Hawaii BioEnergy may have a solution. This is the third and last lecture in this Wayfinder series. It started with Nainoa Thompson in July, James Koshiba in August and finally with Paul Zorner. Many people asked me when will the next lecture be. We are looking at Summer 2010. We gotten a lot of positive response from attendees but always welcome your feedback. You may post your comments here and I can share them with the station. Finally, after three tries I got the webcast working. With Nainoa I have video of his talk which I need to compress and post. During James Koshiba's talk I lost Internet access but I do have audio which I will also post. You can watch Paul's talk in it's entirety via Ustream.tv. Stay tune as I work through my content backlog.