What Happen to Act 221

Think TechJay Fidell's article about how Gov. Lingle led the tech industry to believe that she was going to veto SB 199, the Senate Bill that basically enviscerated Act 221 by neutralizing the 2:1 investment multiplier. The article is a behind the scene account of how there seemed to be a glimmer of hope for a chance at a veto. It's a story of how tech business people are passionate and persistent. And ultimately a story of disappointment. During this legislative session, I was witness to the effort put forth by the tech industry. I know folks who lobbied and wrote testimonials, who spent long hours at the Capitol trying to convince legislators and those who organized the troops to get the message out. This story is not only about a Governor's false promise to the tech industry but about the legislators who crafted this bill and their short sightedness toward Hawaii's economy. I keep hearing about the forces that are fighting against tech in Hawaii. Who wouldn't want to diversify Hawaii's economy, build a base of skilled knowledge workers and create industries that are clean and green. It is hard to imagine Hawaii without a tech industry. The exodus of Hawaii's bright young minds will continue leaving only service industry jobs, a throw back to the plantation days. It will be interesting to see how the tech industry emerges from this. Right now they are licking their wounds, trying to figure out the next move. The tech industry will perservere, perhaps slower as a result of SB 199. The fear is with the fast pace of tech elsewhere can Hawaii keep pace and stay competitive. Next year is an election year for a new Governor. Lt. Gov. Duke Aiona has already come out on several occasions to voice his opposition to Gov. Lingle allowing SB 199 to go into law without a veto. He was also at the recent TechHui Conference this past weekend delivering the opening remarks in support of the tech industry. Is Duke Aiona our choice for the next tech Gov of Hawaii? I have yet to hear a statement from Neil Abercrombie or Mufi Hannemann on the subject. More to come as time is evermore cricial.

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  1. Politicians fear technology and what it can do to their careers.

    The smart ones… embrace it and move forward with their constituents… The ones that have something to hide… don’t want any part of technology.

    I’m pushing to get County Council meetings put on the internet and finding interesting resistance.

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