Chinatown SF

If you ever visit San Francisco and want to stay in a centrally located hotel try the Royal Pacific right on Broadway. It is one block down from Stockton street and right in the heart of Chinatown SF. This city is a walking city. If you can dump your car and walk, do it. From the RP you get easy access to everything Chinese. Right across Broadway is North Beach and little Italy. You will never need to worry about where to eat. There are great restaurants to choose from. Try the Stinking Rose if you get a chance. Everything is made of garlic or has garlic in it. It's highly recommended but admittedly, you will reek afterwards.

Today, it's off to explore the shops around North Beach. Lots of funky shops line the streets. Although I am seeing a lot more empty store space, the area still hasn't lost its charm. It's easy to wish there were places like this in Hawaii but the dynamic back home is very different. People here are walking the streets well after midnight. I'd guess, just from listening to them, many are from Europe or somewhere USA. The tourists here are looking for an experience that is vastly different than Hawaii. In addition the locals are also looking for diversity. It certainly makes for great exploration.