Speeding Time

Time continues to speed by. Keeping up a blog accentuates this phenomenon. If I don't mention something about my recent trip to Kaho`olawe, it will be months gone by and I would feel remiss for not being more timely. I've been going to Kaho`olawe since 1992 and have been fully engaged in the Protect Kaho`olawe `Ohana. This past week's access was part of the regularly scheduled monthly access for work projects. We were on island from July 10 to 13. One day I am sure there will be 802.11 Internet access from Maui so I could sit in Hakioawa with my PDA and post messages to my blog. But to be honest, it just does seem relevant when on island. Sunrise

Touching the earth is something I need to do. The more I get to do this the better I feel. Kaho`olawe is a pu`u honua where the Hawaiian culture can be practiced in ways unencumbered by our modern society. I am not one to reject modern society but there are times when I feel that living in cities can detach us from the land. We then take for granted the air, water and natural resources thinking they will always be there. Even a short trip to Kaho`olawe will remind you of the value of fresh water. The ocean resources are abundant only because it is respected and not fished out. There's a harmony there that we each need to synch up with. Life in Hawai`i would be so much more enriching if everyone could spend a short amount of time on Kaho`olawe.