Tech Doldrums

Things are in a funk. I've been keeping my fingers on the pulse of technology in Hawaii and I can barely feel a heartbeat. This week has been especially listless. John Duchemin's articles in the Honolulu Advertiser bring to light how uneventful things are. His article on Tuesday, 6/17 about Landmark Ventures makes them sound about as exciting as dirt. In today's Advertiser, he writes about the biotech companies and the challenges they face to turn a profit. Biotech is supposed to be the hot topic amongst venture capitalist but if this article is any indication, it looks to me like it's pretty cold and stiff.

In another article in today's Advertiser, Ray Kamikawa, former state tax director defends Act 221. This is the Act that allow investors to put money into tech companies and get an equal credit on their State tax return. It was a controversial topic in this year's legislative session as the administration wanted to modify it quite drastically. Suffice it to say articles are still being written about how it should stay unchanged, which it is, unchanged. So where are the articles about money going into companies as a result of Act 221? Where are the hot prospects? Please don't tell me it's Landmark.

Personally, I don't think anything is happening. If the articles this week are any indication, things are pretty flat. I had a heck of a lot more fun watching the 10+ foot waves off of Ala Moana.