Herb `Aina

Almost 10 years ago I produced a couple of videos that ran on Olelo television. They were short pieces with the primary purpose of filling time between shows. I did this series of videos on native Hawaiian plants and called myself Herb `Aina. When I get around to it I might stream those on the Net.

So on Sat. 6/14 I had to attend an herb workshop at the Univ. of Hawaii - Leisure Program. I believe you can never do with enough leisure. Just smelling all those dried herbs is heaven for your sense of smell. The workshop was conducted by Thauna Abrin and Monique Yuen both Naturopathic Physicians. They covered topics like making teas and preparing a poultice. Both useful topics whether at home or in the outdoors.

One of these days maybe I put a herb page together. Most of the herbs covered in class were from the Western US where through years of traditional native American and European practice turned it into a science. The selection of all the right herbs to brew a tea for a particular ailment took years of developing. We're finally seeing the art move from folklore to clinical practice. And gaining acceptance.

So I went home with a couple of bags of tea, one a calming tea with lemon balm, oatstraw, chamomile and skullcap, the other an alterative tea for cleansing. Stay tuned, next week is the art of making tinctures and oils.