Fiji Photos

I finally got around to sorting through my digital photos. Sure beats waiting for the slides to come back from the processor. Selecting which ones get put in the gallery is a weeding out process. It's amazing how many shots need to be taken to get one decent one. If you are interested in checking out a few from Fiji go to the Gallery.

I still got Fiji on my mind. Today is Kamehameha Day and a friend and I ended up at Zaffron's in downtown Honolulu for lunch. Great Indian food and it turns out the owners are from Fiji. Nadi to be precise.

It was like eating in Fiji. There are some great Indian restaurants in Fiji. In Suva I ate at this place called Hare Krishna's where they made an assortment of vegetarian selections. Very ono. They also specialized in sweets which I highly recommend.

When I wasn't eating Indian food, I was eating Fijian. There are some striking similarities to Hawaiian food. They make a taro leaf that is like lu`au leaf. Taro slices, cook banana, clams, fish or chicken round out the meal. Their imu is called a lovo. I asked a few of the Fijians I met if they every pound the taro to make poi. Based on the look I got, apparently not. So far I've only found poi in Hawai`i. I wonder if poi is unique to the Hawaiian diet? I'll need to research that.