Fiji – cont.

I tried getting back to an internet cafe but only got one more chance while in Suva. One hour of time was just enough to go through 800+ email messages over a span of a couple of days. Most of it was spam. Going through spam nowadays is like data mining. Only its the human is doing the data mining.

The long ride to the Fijian Resort was well worth it. We stopped in on Robert Stone in Pacific Harbour. It's a beautiful spot, truly an island paradise. Every morning Robert goes papio fishing in a canoe from a launching deck. Unbelieveable.

The Shangra-La Fijian is five star resort which I would highly recommend for anyone looking for some R&R time. Solitary walks along the beach are great therapy for the mind. If you take a moment to look at your feet you might find some cool shells. I would head back in a heartbeat. I know exactly what room I would request.