It's June 1st in Hawai`i and June 2nd in Fiji. Sounds like a good enough time for me to start my weblog. The flight to Nadi, Fiji from Hawai`i was pretty smooth except for a couple of bumps here and there. We stopped in Apia, Western Samoa for a quick refueling and continued our flight to Fiji. From Nadi, I caught a puddle jumper across the island to Suva. Lucky I brought my ear plugs cuz the props would have blown out my eardrums. I just happen to carry a spare in my fanny pack from helo flights to Kaho`olawe.

Suva is the same as I left it last year. The trouble with coming in on a Sunday is that everything is closed. It was a challenge finding a place to grab some lunch. A friendly Fijian policeman pointed a decent food court that served up a variety of choices, from Chinese to Fijian cooking. I chose Fijian which consisted of some taro leaf (cooked up like luau leaf) some taro, cooked bananas and ono clams. Believe or not this cost a total of $4.50 Fijian which equivalent to a little more than $2.25 US. Of course I went there again today.

It turns out today (June 2nd) is some sort of National holiday in Fiji but unlike Sunday, several businesses are open. Lucky for me I found this Internet cafe right on the main street not far from the hotel I am staying at. The cost for Internet time is $5.00 Fijian per hour. Beats the Holiday Inn which was kind of an rip off at $30.00 per hour. Unbelievable. I gotta find out how late these folks stay open. The only thing is, walking around at night here is not recommended. The crime rate is up and I don't need to deal with that.

My hour is almost up here but I will try to log in again when I get a chance. I start up my class tomorrow so I suspect I will be preoccupied. Stay tuned as this adventure continues to unfold.